Torah Perspectives on Boundaries, Restrictions and Sexuality

Boundaries and restrictions

A significant portion of the Torah revolves around boundaries and restrictions. Many youngsters’ mental image of G-d and His rules can be described thus: A very powerful god, who for some mysterious reason, needs us to provide him with nachas by doing positive deeds, and who needs us to avoid transgressing his rules. If we break the rules we will incur his wrath upon us. In the worst case scenario the mental image of god will most closely resemble the gods of the ancient pagans who had no interest in morality or the welfare of people and were basically very powerful bullies whom one needed to appease in order to avoid getting “beaten up,” or worse.

A more accurate, Torah-true, image is of a G-d who is concerned with our welfare and therefore wants us to do the things that are beneficial for us and to avoid certain acts that will be harmful to us (not unlike a doctor who tells us not to smoke because of the harm it will do to us).

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