Dr. Benzion Sorotzkin, Psy. D.

Postscript: Additions to current articles.

Sep 13, 2020 | Misc

1) Article: “Chemical Imbalance” – Section: Cultural resistance … [In book P. 33]

Another example of cultural denial of childhood trauma can be found in a recent obituary:

Jean Kennedy Smith: Born in Brookline Massachusetts, Jean was “raised in an atmosphere of privilege,” said The Guadian.com – though “her parents were barely on speaking terms through much of her early childhood,” because of her father’s philandering… [Reported in The Week, July 3, 2020, p. 35, emphasis added].mical states. … Children who feel good about themselves and secure in their bonding with their parents are unlikely to refuse the help of medications, if such help is truly needed. (p. 311-312)

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